Friday, October 16, 2009

emergency pedicure

The Farrier came today to see my little mare, Precious. She hadn't been doing well the last few days.
wait..I take that back..she hadn't been doing well for a couple weeks . Just the last couple of days she was really lame and was down more than she was up.
The first thing I did was check her feet. Shes got horrible feet, too tender, and her pasterns are too straight. When I didn't see anything I thought maybe she'd took a spill, with all the rain we've had the lot around they horse shed is pretty slimy. Horse liniment seemed to make her feel better, temporarily. Then she got worse, wasn't going far and wasn't going anywhere very fast.
I went with my gut and called my horseshoer. Hes always been there when I've had a problem, been his customer for several years. Hes quick and good, I've got a lot of confidence in him.
A few quick nips and the culprit was found in her toe, she had a pretty nasty abcess. Still a little tender, she went down the hill to eat as soon as she was turned loose. She never did lose her appetite which is a good thing.
Joy, my big mare was getting jealous of the attention I was paying Precious...especially yesterday when I fed and watered her while she was laying down. Precious is such a sweet little horse, nothing at all like the big pain-in-the-butt, Joy
Why is it always the nice ones you stress over?

The upper photo is Joy(b/w) and the lower one Precious. I was looking down from the back yard tree.
I didn't mean for my blog to be horse talk, thats just been whats happening lately. High school Homecoming football game tonight. Hope it's not raining so I can get some pictures.

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  1. So glad you found out what was wrong with her. I hate having sick/hurting animals!