Monday, October 19, 2009

portrait on the street

Homecoming dance was this past Saturday night and my youngest son took a date. Hes a Sophomore in high school and like all the kids, growing up too fast.
A group all went together. Jess has his learners permit so he still relies on us to get him where he wants to go. We picked up the wrist corsage then went to meet everybody. If I wanted pictures this was going to be my only opportunity, unless I wanted to drive to the school 3 hours later for the 'coronation ceremony'.. my daughter had already made plans which would have left me a little cramped for time.

The barn made a pretty good backdrop, I put them in the shade and had no additional lighting.


  1. What a great pic of Jess!! He looks so handsome!!

  2. Ruth check this blog out:

    Sorry you will have to copy and paste I am awful at codes and such!! LOL!

  3. Nice work on that shot! I enjoy using natural lighting myself. feel free to check out my blog >>
    Happy shooting!